Sweet Manna is a ministry that is committed to educating Christians concerning their Jewish roots.  We Christians have a marvelous Hebrew heritage that warrants our intensive study. As Christians, we worship a Jewish Messiah.  We read a book: the Holy Scriptures which was written by Jewish authors under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  

The early church consisted of Jewish believers, and it was Jewish men and women that took the gospel to Gentile nations.  Much of the Jewishness of the New Covenant has been lost because of misinterpretation of the scriptures and because of the infiltration of Hellenistic philosophy that has affected our western thought process.  It is this ministry’s belief that unless the scriptures are looked at through Hebrew eyes we will miss the “manna from heaven" that is hidden in plain sight.

Rev. Marjorie is the founder of Sweet Manna Ministries and Elyadah Books & More.  She is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible School, where she graduated with a Jewish minor and it was there that she was ordained and called to the ministry. After graduation she spent a summer in Israel educating herself and ministering to the Jewish people there.

After returning from Israel, she worked under the leadership of Dr. Jeffery Seif her Jewish professor from Christ for the Nations.  He was then head pastor of DeSoto Community Church in DeSoto Texas, which was a rich foundation for Rev. Marjorie to launch her Jewish Roots ministry.  Since the untimely death of Zola Levitts, Dr. Seif has taken over the Zola Levitt’s ministry. Rev. Marjorie has recently been honored by a second ordination under the umbrella of Mayim Hayim Ministries of Phoenix Arizona, an international teaching ministry that explores the Word of God from a Hebraic perspective.

The ministry was founded after Rev. Marjorie left Texas to return to Chicago.   Rev. Marjorie presently resides in Phoenix AZ where she is continuing her ministries.  

Sweet Manna will endeavor to use e-mail and the internet to promote this teaching ministry.  Rev. Marjorie is also available on a more personal level; she is a willing itinerate, sharing with the body of Christ, a more intimate look at our Hebrew Lord. Please contact the ministry to schedule times and dates. 

If you want to add your name or someone else’s name to our mailing list, if you have questions or prayer requests that you would like the ministry to address, or if you do not wish to receive further e-mail from Sweet Manna, please contact the ministry at: marjorie@sweetmanna.org  Please add our address to your address book so that the forthcoming e-mails will not go to your spam file.  Thank you.

Mission Statement