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This is for all you dog lovers out there.  God loves our dogs too!

We recently had a suddenly of God!  I want to share it because my Bible Study group has been studying the suddenly’s of God, and what precedes them.  A suddenly of God is when He does something unexpectantly to reveal Himself in some Glorious way.  That which precedes one of His suddenly”s is the praise and worship of his people.  Such was the case with Paul and Silas when they were in jail.  They were in jail praising the Lord regardless of their circumstances and the Lord moved with an earthquake that opened the prison doors.  

A precious sister in the Lord and Prophetess, Ruth Carneal brought a word of the Lord to my daughter Tracey some time ago, that she was to be watching for the suddenly’s of God. She has experienced several, but I would like to share a suddenly of God that happened with my daughter’s little dog Sadie.  Sadie was a miracle dog.  I say that because many things happened with her that are not explainable in the natural.  The Lord’s hand has been upon this dog from the beginning.  He gave Tracey this dog and He told her what to name her.  She is no longer with us, but as she was getting older she became diabetic and blind. Tracey was trusting the Lord to heal her dog, but she was never-the-less at this point in time, blind.  She may have seen shadows but for all intents and purposes she was blind.  She had memorized the house and so she knew how to navigate pretty well inside the house.  Some times she got confused and she would walk right into a wall, and sometimes she began scratching on a closet door as if to say “let me in.” 

Sadie had a little dogie door so she was able to get to the back yard by herself to do her duty.  Because Tracey was fearful that Sadie being blind might fall into the pool she had put a little lattice fence across the patio, preventing Sadie from getting any where near the pool.  Twice now while Tracey and I were interceding for some friends of ours we have witnessed what we believe to be a suddenly of God. 

Tracey and I had spent some time singing and worshiping when the phone rang.  It was a friend with a need, so we were in Tracey’s bedroom and we were doing some spiritual warfare for this dear friend who has been oppressed by the spirit of shame for many years.  We began to do some serious damage to satans kingdom by blowing the shofar and praying in the Spirit over the situation for our friend’s deliverance.  We were in another zone, when I heard Sadie making a rumpus and she was running around the bedroom like she was crazy.  I looked and she was soaking wet.  I said to Tracey, “Look, Sadie must have fallen into the pool, she looks like a drowned rat”.  With that Tracey got a towel to dry her off, and I went to the patio to see if I could see what could have happened. 

Sure enough the fence had been moved and Sadie must have pranced around near the pool until she fell in. Nothing so unusual about that, except that Sadie hates the water and Tracey was unable to teach her to swim, although she tried many times.  Whenever she tried, the dog, unlike other dogs, would panic and go under unless she was helped.  So this is why Tracey was so fearful to have Sadie exposed to the pool. 

At the time before the fence was put up, Sadie came flying into the room dripping wet and running wild.  We knew instinctively what had happened.  She had fallen into the pool.  Upon investigation, it was obvious as to what had happened, because starting from the pool and across the patio she left a water trail, as well as through the dogie door and into the house wherever her little paws took her.  We had to dry the dog off as well as clean up all the water that she had dripped from one end of the house to the other.  Fortunately, most of the house is tile.  That time we were suspicious that God had a hand in getting Sadie out of the pool, without a miracle we did not believe that she would have been able to do that on her own. 

This time we are certain that we had a suddenly of God because there was no water trail, therefore no tile to mop up. Not one paw print across the patio, not even one drop of water any where to be seen except at the edge of the pool where she may have fallen in. However, that was the only place there was any evidence that Sadie had fallen in the pool.  She was soaked and there was no water trail on the concrete patio from the pool to the house and she was dripping wet. There was no trace of water anywhere, not outside or anywhere on the tile floor inside.  Sadie just appeared in the bedroom dripping wet and shaking like a leaf. There is only one explanation as to how she was retrieved from the pool and carried to Tracey’s bedroom.  It was a suddenly of God! 

I am reminded of the scripture that says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe”.  Just think about how safe we are when we are trusting the Lord with our whole hearts.  If He is concerned about the safety of a dog, how much more is He concerned about the safety of those that He loves and knows are trusting in Him for their safety.  What an awesome God we serve!  

I am planning on posting some suddenly’s of God on my website, if you have a story to tell please send it to me for my review and it will be considered for the posting.  Thank You.

Be Blessed, 

Rev. Marjorie

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The Suddenly's of God
By Rev. Marjorie