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There are no coincidences or happen stances in the providence of God.  As I sit here organizing my memories into the proper sequence of events, I am awestruck from the realization that a Master Composer orchestrated every intricate detail and precise moment in time to play His Rhapsody for me. With every ingenious stroke of His pen, each melodious note found its place on the scales of my life at the exact moment and place that was needed for my growth.  I’m certain that, “The Rhapsody of Love”, had always been playing somewhere in the far off distance.   My ears were not tuned in to hear the melody of His love until one day after I had been shopping.

I was returning home from an afternoon of shopping at Brookfield Square in Wisconsin, where I resided at the time. The shopping mall was just 30 minutes or so from our home. Normally when I shopped at the mall I took the expressway for easy access.  I was accustomed to freeway driving and it was my habit to zip into the mall from home and zip out again.  For no reason that I could think of at the time, I found myself taking the back roads home this day.  I was taking a road that I had never traveled before, and after that particular day, never traveled again. It was late in the day and I was thinking about what to fix for dinner that night.  I was just a little concerned because it was late and I did not want our dinner hour delayed.  My thoughts were about shopping too long and my need for getting right home to prepare dinner at a reasonable time. For me to be on the back roads when I was in a hurry to get home, made no sense to me.  What are you doing, I asked myself? So, believe me when I tell you that what was about to happen next was definitely not on my agenda.

Less than half way home, my car pulled up to a stop sign and after I came to a full stop, I found myself making a left hand turn. To continue straight ahead would have been the direction to my home.  I drove another quarter of a mile or so, and found myself making a right hand turn into a strip mall that I had never been to before, or since that time.  I can only compare this experience that I was having with a movie I saw once called, "The Stepfords Wives”.  I haven't seen the remake, but in the original movie that I saw years ago, the women in the movie were walking and talking like robots because they had been programmed.  They had been programmed to do exactly what their husbands wanted them to do. This is exactly how I felt, like a mechanical robot.  I felt like someone who was just going through the motions, in order to be obedient to the signals of some specific programming.  I parked the car in front of a Pharmacy.  I opened my car door and marched into the store as if I had some great purpose in mind.

Although, my mind was not engaged in that purpose, apparently my spirit was.  I walked into that store and walked straight down the center aisle to the back of the store, as if I had done this many times before.  I headed straight for a revolving book stand.  When my arm rose, it rose as if it had a mind of its own.  I gave the book stand a spin.  Reaching out my hand, I retrieved a book and clutched it in my hand.  I then proceeded to the cash register to pay for the book without ever turning so much as the front cover.  I then returned to my car.  My mind was not, comprehending any of this strange behavior.  For the rest of the ride home I was asking myself, "What in the world was that all about?"  "Why did you do that?"  "What in the world possessed you to do such a thing?"  The answer to those questions did not come to me until later.  

The realization that I had been led by the Spirit of God that day would come to me many days later.  It came after I had several chapters of the book read, and after I began to understand that the personhood of the Holy Spirit is very active in the lives of His people.  This was something that I was definitely not aware of at the time of this purchase. Actually, the only way that I would have believed a story such as this one, was because it was happening to me first hand.  I experienced a supernatural power leading me around just as if I had a bit in my mouth and someone else was holding the reigns. That someone else was God.

After dinner I sat down to read the book.  I vaguely remember the book.  It was either a yellow soft cover book with four blue letters, or a blue soft cover book with four yellow letters.  The front cover spelled out in large bold letters the word L O V E.  I remember thinking to myself, well I guess I could learn more about love, and began to read.  

As it turned out, unbeknown to me, I had purchased a Bible that day. It was the New Testament, written in easy to understand language. It was the Living Bible that had been paraphrase to make it easy for children to read and understand.  It was just the thing that I needed.  Had it been a  King James language Bible with all of it’s thee’s and thou’s, I would have recognize the book to be a Bible. How the Lord managed to drive my car to the pharmacy, march me to the revolving book stand, grab that book and pay for it, I do not know.  All I know is that it was His intricate design to get this book into my hands. His ways are a mystery. 

I sit here awestruck typing these words, with the realization that my walk with Him began with a book called LOVE.  Now, some thirty years later, I am engaged in writing for Him and the subject matter is about Love. How I have experienced His Love and how I have learned to love Him.  How those experiences with the Lord have brought me spiritual truth applicable to living daily in the supernatural realm of His Kingdom. It was His divine providence that initiated the purchase of His Book, The New Testament.  I needed to read what He had to say to me.  I would not have purchased a book that was titled Holy Bible. I had one of those, although it hadn't been opened in years, and even though it was collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, I did have one.

He is so shrewd, a master fisherman of men.  He knew the bait on the end of His hook was the word Love.  I was desperate to be loved and I was even willing to admit that I was clueless when it came to the subject of love.  The empty space inside of me was screaming to be filled with love. I had tried filling this God shaped space with everything imaginable, but nothing fit. He had designed me this way.  He has created each of us with a God shaped vacuum, an empty space that only his image can fill. This empty space of mine was about to be filled with Himself.  This was a day that started out like any other day however, this was another pivotal day on the calendar of my life.  His love, revealed through His word, began to change me that very day. 

As I began to read the book that He had placed in my hand, chills ran up and down my spine.  These chills surfing on my spine were the direct result of the revelation that had come to me. The God of the Universe had orchestrated the ride home on a strange and unfamiliar road, the march through the Pharmacy, the purchase of the book.  He had given me His love letters.  I was reading the book of all books, the Bible.   The revelation of His love began to saturate this wounded soul, and I would never be the same again.  That empty void, began to be filled with Himself.

His love continues to change me every day.  He has imparted many truths to me and now He wants me to impart them to my readers by writing about my experiences and by teaching his Word. I am writing with an awesome awareness that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. In the beginning of my glorious walk with him He delivered His Word to me personally. Right from the start of our relationship, I stepped into the realm of the supernatural.  Because this was my foundation, I fully anticipated to be walking in His miraculous glory and supernatural manifestation from then on, and I have.  

I will be sharing with you His marvelous and mysterious ways, His wondrous miracle working power, and His intimate encounters with one of His daughters. Walking in His Glory is a normal expectation for any child of God.  You can have as much of God as you desire and prioritize your life for.  He desires to interact with each of us in a very intimate and  personal way.  May my experiences with our Creator, project you into greater depths and higher heights that will continue to embrace you in His loving arms and glorious presence.  

If you are reading about my experiences with God, your heavenly Father has arranged the circumstances that brought you here to read them.  You are not reading this article by accident. Just as surely as He drove my car to the pharmacy that day to purchase His book, He has also arranged for this material to come into your hands. God almighty, creator of the universe has created you for intimacy with Him. You are His heart's desire. You are the object of His Love.  If you listen very closely you will be able to hear “The Rhapsody of Love” playing in the not to far off distance.

Be Blessed, 

Rev. Marjorie

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The Rhapsody of Love
By Rev. Marjorie