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It had been around fifteen years after my own experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit, when this very unusual encounter with the Holy Spirit occurred.  I had been ministering under the anointing of the Holy Spirit for some time, believing that nothing was impossible with Him.  When laying hands on people, I had seen them get healed, even to the point of watching legs lengthened.  I had prayed with various people that the Lord would fill with His Holy Spirit. The Lord had even used me in deliverance many times.  In fact the young woman that I am about to tell you about, had a spirit of suicide that was cast out of her when I exercised my authority over that demon.  She was set free from the torment that came from the harassment of that evil spirit. I had been the witness to many awesome miracles, but this particular encounter with the personhood of the Holy Spirit stands out as one of the most quintessential events of my ministry.

I was in my little apartment at Christ for the Nations when the phone rang and upon answering it I found that it was a friend of my daughter’s that I had taken under my wing.  For the sake of protecting her identity I am going to be calling her Sally. Sally called me Mom because of the close relationship that we had.  When I answered the phone, I heard her say, “Mom, its Sally and I am flying into Dallas Fort Worth and I was wondering if it would be alright with you, if I come and spent a few days with you.”  I asked her what was bringing her to Texas, and she said that she was checking herself into a hospital in Fort Worth after she spent some time with me.  Sally was a born again on fire believer and was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.  She was checking herself into this Christian clinic because she wanted to deal with some past issues that were hindering her walk with the Lord. This clinic had a fine reputation of dealing with the emotional issues of the past that hinder an individual from moving forward. I was proud of her for making this decision.

We spend several days together and since she had come to see me over the Thanksgiving holiday; the two of us were invited to spend Thanksgiving with Cheryl a friend of mine that I had met at CFNI.  The following Monday I drove from Dallas to Fort Worth and dropped Sally off at the hospital.  Before we parted, Sally asked me if I would come and visit her in the hospital while she was there. I assured her that I would do that.

The day that I returned for a visit with Sally is a day that I will never forget.  I parked the car, went up the elevator to the floor that she was on, went to the reception desk to inquire as to what room Sally was in, and found my way to her room.  After our Hello’s, Sally ask me if I would join her in group therapy that was just about to start. She said that family and guests were welcome to join in, so I sat in with her on the session. When it was over we returned to her room.  We exchanged small talk when we got back to the room. Then Sally told me that she had a roommate that was sharing her room with her.  “Mom,” she said, “I told her all about you.”  “My roommate wants the baptism in the Holy Spirit and I told her that you would pray for her.”  You will, won’t you, she said.  I nodded my head in the affirmative, and with that Sally went flying down the hall to fetch her roommate.

In a flash, Sally brought her roommate back to the room. We were introduced to one another, and without one second delay Sally wanted me to pray for her new friend. Before I prayed with her, I explained what to expect and took her to the appropriate scriptures so she would have some understanding as to what she should be anticipating. Then I prayed that the Holy Spirit would overpower her and come and fill her with Himself.  Nothing happened at first, so I told her to raise her hands and to begin to praise the Lord and even sing to the Lord, which she did.  It wasn’t long when out of her mouth came a beautiful new language and she began to sing to the Lord in her new prayer language as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks.  Sally and I were rejoicing with her, when Sally ran out of the room and went running down the hall. 

Sally went to all the women’s rooms announcing, “My Mom is here praying for the Holy Spirit, anyone that wants the baptism in the Holy Spirit and to speak in tongues, come to my room.”   Before I knew what was happening, there was a room full of women, wanting to be prayed for.  I did not have time to explain everything like I thought that I should, because once the women filled the room the Holy Spirit fell upon them.  They came with such expectancy, that once they were through the door, they had their hands in the air and were praising God.  This was a move of God and I had nothing to do with it, except to be there.  I did pray, but it would not have mattered because the Lord met those ladies right where they were, in such need of Him.  

Before I could even finish praying, they were all filled with the Spirit of God it seemed to me at once.  I was listening to all sorts of different tongues, some were praying in their new language and some were singing.  Many of the girls were overpowered by the Holy Spirit and were slain in the Spirit.  I asked Sally to help me because I was unable to catch these bodies by my self as the Holy Spirit was taking them to the floor.  Those that neither one of us were able to catch, just floated to the floor like a feather.  The floor was full of bodies and those that were left standing were praising the Lord.  

The door to Sally’s room was left open and the noise from the worship and praise and the commotion had made its way to the room’s the men were in,  and now these men stood at the doorway observing.  The rules on the floor did not allow the men to enter any of the women’s rooms, so they were crowded together around the entry.  

The next thing that happened was a nurse on the floor came into the room and said to me, “Will you please take this down the hall and into a room large enough that the men can join you.”  I was not about to argue, so I asked where to go and the nurse lead the way as I followed her down the hall.  Everyone that was in Sally’s room and the men that stood outside the room followed me and the nurse down the hall and into the room that the nurse had indicated was the room we should use to continue.  Well continue we did!  

We had one exuberant Holy Ghost revival.  Now it was the men’s turn.  Jesus showed up big time that day.  The Holy Spirit just took over.  He met everyone’s need.  All I had to do was ask, “do you want the Holy Spirit,” and the power of God would come upon those men and as big and burly as some of them were, down they went under the sweet anointing of the Holy One, just as if they were floating on air. The deep voices of these male recipients joining the women as they all spoke or sang in tongues, was beautiful music to my ears.  There were men and the woman together in the room, crying, laughing, praying, singing, and bodies out on the floor, under the influence of the Holy Spirit.  It was a sight to behold. Many of the men and women were in casual attire, sweats and the like, but many were in PJ’s and robes. This was after all a hospital.  I had to shake my head in amazement because I had to remind myself that the Lord was using me as His conduit on this day, in this hospital, on this floor where all of these precious people had come for emotional therapy.  Although they had just come from group therapy, nothing could compare to the therapy that was happening in the souls of these dear hearts as Jesus poured the new wine of His Holy Spirit into their wounded hearts.  Never in all my years; had I ever been a witness to such genuine joy and rejoicing as to what I had witnessed on that day.  

There was a rather large window in this room that we were all in, and the draperies were open, so I was able to glance out into the hall from time to time, while all of this was going on.  There in the hallway were some of the nurses on the floor taking it all in.  Just standing there watching, probably in amazement, because the Great Physician had just shown up on their watch. This revival of the broken hearted was planned and orchestrated by the Lord and His Glory was revealed to the entire ward of the hospital.  No one dare interrupt what the Holy Spirit was doing with these patients.  

I had an opportunity to speak with one of the men patients before I left the hospital.  I introduced myself to him, and he told me that he was a pastor and was in the hospital because he had nervous breakdown due to the pressures of the ministry”  “Until today,” he said, “I was going to give up the ministry.  I have been drifting from God because of some of the things that have been happening in the church.  I was ready to give it all up.  Then, you came today, and the Holy Spirit visited us.”  I told him that I had very little to do with what had happened there that day.  He then went on to tell me what had been happening behind the scenes that I was not aware of.  

He said, “I was in my room praying and I could hear all the beautiful praise and worship. As I listened I could tell people were singing in tongues.  I asked the Lord what is that, and where is it coming from.  The Lord spoke to me and said, you go and open your door and you go find them and join them, I want you to get in on this.  So I opened the door and followed the sound of the worship down the hall to one of the women’s rooms.  I stood outside in the doorway and asked the Lord how I could get in on it, if I wasn’t allowed to go inside a woman’s room.  By now other men were rushing down the hall and joined me at the entry to the room.  I had just asked the Lord how I could join you guys, when the nurse came and moved everyone out of the room and into the room where the rest us men could join you.” Both of us were so excited about what the Lord had done, that we sat and talked about it for awhile.  Then he went on to say, “I was just sitting here thanking the Lord for all that He did today. I know that I will never be the same.  I also know that I have been called to the ministry and after today I am pumped now to step back into that call.”  

When everything had calmed down and it was time for me to leave, one of the nurses that had been watching this visitation of the Holy Spirit, joined me as I waited for the elevator.  Once we were on the elevator and doors closed in front of us, the nurse turned to me and said, “I need to tell you something, it is not the policy of this hospital for you to come and pray with the patients like you did today.”  She then gave me a great big smile and stepped off the elevator and went her way.  My heart was so full as I walked to my car and I was so fired up, that I wanted to take the policy breaker with me and go visit every mental hospital in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

Be Blessed, 

Rev. Marjorie

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