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This ministry has made a choice to be "Biblically correct" as opposed to "politically correct" therefore we have forfeited the non-profit status available to us.  Please note that all donations to this ministry are not tax deductible.  Thank you for your support.
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Take the dare! That's the adventurous challenge Marjorie Kummrow gives as she not only shares some of her life's adventures of walking with Jesus, she communicates her desire to see others live this kind of lifestyle of divine destinations. In "Beyond All Reason" ---Moving Out of Logic into the Supernatural," Marjorie thoughtfully intertwines her story with an awakening that it's His-Story. Her testimony reveals the very present Testimony of Yeshua HaMashiach who miraculously empowers Believers by His Holy Spirit. 

Take this book into your hands and you will sense the thrill of sitting with the author and enjoying her stories, testimony, and the fantastic applications she associates from the Biblical Text. Marjorie also places golden nuggets of scriptural foundations with theological substance for readers to build upon. Not only that, but you will find her research and practical knowledge will bring liberty ""Beyond All Reason." 

Dare to embark with this author into God's unknown destinations that reveal His destiny at every turn of the page. You'll discover the Biblical Text is brought to life for salvation, healing, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and so on. Take leaps of faith with Marjorie that will activate God's greater mindset and catapult you in 
with Marjorie that will activate God's greater mindset and catapult you into living the Word "Beyond All Reason." 

Dr. Pamala Denise Smith, GateView Ministries 
Author, Apostolic-Prophetic Speaker, Trainer, and Teacher 

I have known Marjorie Kummrow founder of Sweet Manna Ministries for 16 years now, and I know how committed she is concerning her Jewish Roots and the people of Israel and their salvation. She has been part of my ministry (Mayim Hayim) for about 12 years. Marjorie graduated from CFTN (Christ for the Nations) a great school and has a degree from them as well as Mayim Hayim Ministries in Phoenix AZ. Her book needs to be read by everyone who loves to SEE how God works in the life of a person who is "fully committed" to Him. Miracles upon miracles would seem to be "Beyond All Reason," take place in these pages, full of wonder and awe, in what God does. This is not commonplace either, but are "extraordinary miracles" in a vessel willing to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, and God's Holy "Shekinah Glory," no matter what the cost. In Hebrew Gematria, the title of the book, "Beyond All Reason" = 808, and so does "God's Holy Shekinah" telling you who helped write this story. What a witness to discover that. Everyone who reads this book will be blessed by Marjorie's honesty in it. I highly recommend it to you. You'll want to buy more copies after you read this to give away like I am doing. I feel richer for reading it, and I know its been years in the making. 

Rev. Barbara A. Di Gilio, founder of Mayim Hayim Ministries, Phoenix AZ 
Author, and Teacher of Hebrew Roots 
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Explore the scriptures that Pastors and the Body of Christ wrestle with today on the matter of homosexuality. Find out what Jesus has to say about this very important subject. Society today has a decision to make, whether or not they choose to be politically correct or Biblically correct.
As Christians, we worship a Jewish Messiah. We read the Holy Scriptures which was written by Jewish authors under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The early church consisted of Jewish believers, and it was Jewish men and women that took the gospel to Gentile nations. Much of the Jewishness of the New Covenant has been lost because of misinterpretation of the scriptures and because of the infiltration of Hellenistic philosophy that has affected our western thought process. Explore the scriptures through Hebrew eyes and discover the "manna from heaven" that is hidden in plain sight.
This is a study is about the hand of the Lord and how His hand can be seen as a hand of blessing or a hand ready to destroy. In this study we will discover His hand to be for or against us depending on whether we are on the Lord’s side or against Him. I think it can be said of most devote Christians that we long to see His face. We want to experience God pawneh, pawneh i.e. face to face. I believe it could be said that our deepest need spiritually is to seek the face of God. 

However, it can likewise be said that our greatest need in the natural is the blessing of His hand. I hope that this study will uncover for all of us the need to seek His hand. Occasionally, I will be inserting my own thoughts and commentary as we explore the scriptures on “the hand of the Lord.”However for the most part I am allowing the scriptures to speak for themselves.
in the continental USA
in the continental USA
in the continental USA