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The Spring Feasts
The Last Supper
Part 10

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The Last Supper- Part 10

Today is the day in History when Yeshua (Jesus) ate the Seder meal with His disciples in Jerusalem that most Christians call “The Last Supper". This evening begins the Passover feast, or the night that He instituted communion, but it should also be remembered, because it was the night that Yeshua proposed to His Bride, that is to all true believers!

The fact that He took the bread and the cup after supper identifies the bread as the afikoman and the cup to be the cup of redemption that He called the Cup of the New Covenant. This is the third cup and the only cup that is eaten with bread. This third cup is filled to overflowing. Wine always represents joy in the bible.  This third cup is filled to overflowing because the joy of our salvation is overflowing.  That is to say that the Joy of our Yeshua, or salvation, is overflowing!

As we study about this third cup, the cup of the covenant, the betrothal cup, it is important that we recognize all the symbolism that the giving of this cup contains.  In my study called the Wedding of the Messiah, I cover the Jewish wedding customs and how they paint a picture for us, as do all of the feasts of the Lord, of the wedding of the Messiah. These Spring feasts paint a picture of the betrothal period. During the betrothal period of a young man and woman; the groom would give his intended bride gifts, along with the cup of wine that signifies a proposal. 

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The following is a portion from the study in regard to this third cup.

At this time of gift giving, the bride and groom also share a cup of wine.  This is called the cup of the covenant.  They drink from a common cup that is first given to the groom to sip, and then to the bride.  When the bride has not given her consent to be the bride, her refusal is made by refusing to drink from the cup.  The cup is placed in front of her, while the groom nervously awaits her decision to drink or not to drink. When she drinks of the cup it is her yes that seals the marriage contract.24  The groom also drinks from the cup and he then says to his bride, “I will not drink from this cup again until we are reunited”.  It is his pledge to be faithful to her until he returns to get her.

I wanted to point this out because these two cups of wine after supper are statements being made about a wedding.  The third cup is our bridal cup.  When Yeshua offers the cup to us; He is making a marriage proposal.  He is asking you to be His bride.  When we drink of the cup, we are saying yes and sealing the marriage contract.  The bridegroom does not drink of the cup again until the wedding supper when the bride and groom are reunited again.  Yeshua is saying that He will not drink of the cup again until He and His bride is reunited again at the wedding supper of the Lamb, when the Kingdom of God comes. As we continue to look into these spring feasts we will see more marriage talk from Yeshua our bridegroom.  This is what I call “hidden manna”.   (Side note: the kingdom of God is now and it is coming at a future date in its fullness.)

The fourth cup is the cup of Restoration.  This cup is identified with the fourth word of the Lord. “I will take you as my people.”  This cup is also called the cup of Elijah or the cup of Praise.  It was always associated with the coming of the Messiah. It was thought that Elijah would come back preceding Messiah. That he would come announcing the coming of the Messiah. So a place was set for Elijah and the 4th cup of wine was poured for him in anticipation of his coming and a door was left open for him. Therefore it is easy to see why this cup was always associated with the coming of the Messiah. This 4th cup is also called the cup of praise.  Songs of Praise from Ps 113-118 were sung during the Seder.   The Psalm sung at the end of this cup would have been Psalm 118 a wonderful song of praise about the Messiah. It mentions His name 3 times as I indicated earlier. We must always remember that they were  singing these Psalms in Hebrew.  Whenever we see the word "salvation" in English, So everything that we see in the word salvation in English, they would have seen the word Yeshua.

I believe that Yeshua associated this cup of restoration with all things that would be restored at His second coming; therefore He would not drink of it until then. Yeshua said that He would not drink of the vine again until He would drink it when the Kingdom of God comes. I believe that He was refusing to drink of this cup until He would drink it at the wedding supper of the Lamb. This 4th cup is connected to the words of the Lord that said, “I will take you as my people, you will be my people and I will be your God”.  Saying this is the same as saying “I will take you as my wife, you will be my wife and I will be your husband.” The Spring feasts speak of the betrothal of the Bride and the fall feasts speak of the wedding of Messiah and His Bride.  All of these feasts have the same symbolism as do the symbolism contained in the steps of the Jewish wedding which points to the “The Wedding of the Messiah”. 

 24 The thief in the night, Zola Levitt 

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Luke records for us that Yeshua after the meal took the bread the afikoman and broke it, and gave it to His disciples saying, “This is my body which is given for you: do this is remembrance of Me.”  Likewise he also took the cup after supper saying, “This cup is the New Covenant in My blood, which is shed for you." 

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