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Spiritual Application of Passover-Part 16

Passover was a festival designed to teach the children about how the Lord Passed over the houses of the Hebrews because of the blood on the doorposts. It taught them that a blood sacrifice was needed for deliverance and that it was to be taught from one generation to the next. It was designed around the drama of telling the story that included much symbolism in the food that was eaten; so that the deliverance of the Lord would never be forgotten. It was further designed to point to the Messiah who is Yeshua our sacrificial Lamb who died once, and for all, bringing about the final deliverance from the slavery of sin. 

The picture painted of Passover is to help us understand that Egypt is a type for the world and the world system. The ruler of Egypt was Pharaoh who is a type of satan.  

The Passover is the first of the Lords feasts.  Accepting and believing in Yeshua is the first step in our walk with Him. Every household was responsible for killing the lamb for Passover.  Every person who ever lived is responsible for nailing Yeshua to the tree. He died for the sin of us all. The entire body of the lamb was to eaten on the same night. Yeshua was crucified, suffered, and died on the same night. The lamb must be eaten with unleavened bread. Unleavened bread is to be without sin.  

Likewise when we accept His gift of salvation we are resurrected from a life of sin to a new life in Him.  We become born again and are a new creation.  He ascended to the Father giving us the assurance that we too will ascend to Father and have everlasting life with God.  His death burial and resurrection occurring during the Passover season fulfilled all the prophecies concerning His first coming. 

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Spiritual Application 
of Passover
Part 16

The bondage of slavery that the people were under is a type as well, and it represents the bondage that we are under because the ways of world make us slaves to sin. The first Passover applied the blood of the lamb to the doorposts of their homes. Yeshua is the door and we must apply the blood of the Lamb of God to the doorposts of our heart. 
He fulfilled everything precisely on the exact date of the feast days on the biblical calendar, giving us assurance that He will fulfill every thing that is prophesied about His Messiah-ship.  

Everything will be fulfilled as well on His second coming and on the exact dates of the fall feasts during the fall of some year.  
As followers of Yeshua we are to be imitators of our Lord; that is to live our lives free from sin, and when we fail, forgiveness and repentance brings us back to a right standing before God because of all that Yeshua accomplished on the cross for us.

 Unleavened bread was also to be eaten with bitter herbs; this is to remind us that Yeshua suffered bitterly for us and that bitter persecution is something that we are likely to experience because we belong to Him. He became the first fruit of many and was resurrected from death to life.