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Year of 2012

A Prophetic Word given to 
Rev. Marjorie on December 31, 2011
For the Year 2012

For over a week I have been seeking the Lord for a word for the New Year.  It had come in bits and pieces.  The first and most apparent thing that I saw was that 2012 would represent government.  Biblically the number 12 represents the rule of God’s government.  So I saw that the Lord could possibly be interrupting the governments of the world in order to establish his government of rule.

Secondly, I wanted to look at the year from a Hebraic stand point.  The Hebrew numbering system uses the Hebrew alphabet for its numbers.  The first letter of the alphabet is 1 and the number 2 is the second letter of the alphabet and so on through the entire alphabet.  Another interesting thing about the Hebrew alphabet is that each letter also paints a picture of something.  Because of this I decided to reduce 2012 to see what the gematria value would be.  2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5.  The Hebraic number 5 is the Hebrew letter Hey which is a picture of a window and implies revelation.  Based on this I see the coming year to be a year of divine revelation.  Now biblically the number 5 also stands for grace.  

The third thing that happened during my week of prayer happened at Barbara DeGillio’s Bible study on Wednesday morning.  As Barbara was sharing her word from the Lord on the fact that His people are commanded to have Joy regardless of what is happening round about them, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said “You will be Merry Makers in the midst of the Doom Sayers”.

On the same day on the way to lunch and in my car, I was thinking about the prophecy that Barbara had read to us from John Kilpatrick. (John Kilpatrick’s prophecy is published on our web site for your viewing) See below.  

As I was contemplating the words from that prophecy the Lord said this:  “I will be turning the tables once again.  Those who think that they are wise in their own eyes will be made to look foolish to the world.  And those who are mine, those who look foolish in the eyes of the world will be made to look wise.”

Then on Friday night before falling asleep, I asked the Lord again if He had anything that He wanted to share with me about the coming year.  He very distinctly said that this coming year was going to be a year for restoring the family. I have been feeling for quite some time now that there is going to be a move of His Spirit to heal the wounded soul.  This healing will be a healing of the hidden things deep within the soul.  This healing I believe is a healing for the Bride, so that she will not be found with spot or wrinkle when He comes for her.  If this be the case then it makes perfectly good sense that when wounded souls are healed there would be the reconciling of the family that would follow.  This restoration will be for our immediate families as well as the family of God.

I did not realize until I began to put all of this together that the Lord has impressed upon me five different but related words.  FIVE, wow, I was given five words representing five, the number of revelation.  So today, December 31st 2011, I sat down with my pen and paper and asked the Lord if He would care to expound on these five separate but related words that He had given me for 2012.  The following is what I believe is coming from the Spirit of the Lord.  I always hesitate to say, “Thus saith the Lord”; instead let the prophets judge the prophets and the prophetic.  The following is what I perceive to be words from the Lord.  You be the judge.  This prophetic word addresses all five areas, as you will see.

A line has been drawn in the sand, and therefore those who stand on the side of righteousness I am going to bless.  Those that kick against the goads will find themselves to be in opposition to the move of my Spirit.  Therefore, trouble will abound for them in every direction for the purpose of repentance.  Yet, those who refuse to be moved, I will remove.

My Kingdom of Righteousness I will govern within the kingdoms of this world.  The principals within my Kingdom will arise with great authority and power.  There will be great advancement within My Kingdom.  This advancement of righteousness will meet great opposition on every side. And you shall be hated for my sake.  

In My Kingdom there will be a great move of My Spirit to reconcile family members to one another.  In my Kingdom Love shall prevail.  Outside of my invisible Kingdom more and more manifestations will arise caused by anger and hatred toward my righteous ones.  This will cause a great divide in this nation.  Those states that have righteous leadership will prosper economically because I will make a distinction between those leaders who honor Me and those who do not.  No longer will your states be divided because of being red or blue.  The division will come because righteous leaders will stand up and be counted.  Their united voices will stand as a dividing wall against the forces of darkness that would bring chaos from lawlessness.

In the courts of the Lord will be heard the sound of rejoicing, and the doom sayers will question why.  Great darkness shall cover this nation with fear, however within the invisible walls of My Kingdom, will be a great light as I govern my people to enjoy righteousness, peace and joy.

For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see a window of revelation will be open to them and the voice of My Spirit will comfort and direct their paths in ways that will astound them.  Long awaited unanswered prayers will be answered.  

This will be a year that the voice of my true prophets will be heard and recognized as never before.  Likewise those that speak contrary to My Spirit will also be recognized and identified as such.

In the coming days there will be a turning of the tables.  Those who appear to be wise in their own eyes will be made to look foolish in the eyes of the world.  And those who now appear to look foolish in the eyes of the world will stand tall in My wisdom and will be considered to be wise.

I will be delivering righteous judgments to the people of dark sayings; and conversely I will be blessing those who speak the truth.  All those who seek after the truth shall find it.  I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.  Fear not! (The scriptures quote the Lord as saying, “I am the way, the truth and the life”, but I heard light not life.  Of course both are true, perhaps the Spirit of the Lord said light because of the present state of darkness round about us.)

See Below for Pastor John Kilpatrick's Prophecy in Green Font.


A Prophetic Word Given to 
Glynda Lomax 
December 22, 2011 09:00 pm

The Time Has Come to Promote My People

I was in my evening prayer time before going to bed and I began feeling anticipation in my spirit, when the Lord began to speak this word to me. 

A time of promotions has come. The time has come to promote My people who have walked in My ways. Those who have truly laid down all to serve Me will now see clearly My hand of blessing upon their lives. Those around you shall also see it and know it is My hand. 

Much difficulty lies ahead in the coming year, My children. Difficulties of many kinds are approaching, a time like none you have seen before. A time of great difficulty when many shall not know where to turn for help or hope. 

You are My voice in the earth, My little ones, and I desire you would speak My love and mercy and hope to those who shall be afflicted in what is soon to come. 

Arm yourselves. Arm yourselves with My word and My wisdom. Know it well for it shall benefit not only you but all those around you as well. Do not fear what is coming, but stand ready to do all I have called you to do. Know you are My chosen for this time and be glad, My children. Be very glad for great is your honor in heaven and great shall be your reward. 

Some of you have felt the changes taking place in the unseen realm. Much is being readied in preparation for the battle soon to come. Angelic beings surround My people on the earth ready to carry out My commands. The enemy also has forces ready in an attempt to stop the work of My kingdom, but he shall not succeed. Prepare for battle, My children. Prepare well for the battle soon to come. 

I shall raise up some among you to be great leaders in this time. They shall seem to come out of nowhere for I have kept them hidden for such a time as this. I have prepared them well and made them strong and mighty in battle. They shall not be moved by what they see or what they feel, but only by their Master's voice calling to them. 

The year that lies ahead will be difficult for many but it shall be a joyous one for many of My children who have walked in obedience to Me, for now they shall begin to see the rewards of their much obedience.  

Psalm 75:6-7: For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. (7) But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. 

Jude 1:2: Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied. 

Matthew 20:16: So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen. 

Zechariah 10:5: And they shall be as mighty men, which tread down their enemies in the mire of the streets in the battle: and they shall fight, because the LORD is with them, and the riders on horses shall be confounded.


A Prophetic Word given to
Pastor John Kilpatrick on
December 18, 2011

“Sudden Death”

Word Given by Pastor John Kilpatrick

Church of His Presence Sunday AM Service December 18, 2011

There will be sudden deaths of key people that will sweep the news around the world; sudden deaths that you will see that will be the buzz for months on end on the earth about what happened. There will be leaders brought down and other leaders that will be brought up.

There will be turmoil in the body of Christ like you’ve never seen. Just like you’re seeing in the Catholic Church and like you’ve seen at Penn State University, what’s happening is the world dealt with their perpetrators and their predators and many times Pastors that do such things are not dealt with; they’re in charge and they keep their position and if there are leaders that have done such dastardly sins as what happened at Penn State and Syracuse University; if they’re not
removed or remove themselves, then the Lord will remove them in the days to come. And you’ll see it with your eyes and it’s going to bring fear on the body of Christ and the bible says it will be done to bring fear so that all may fear.

You’re going to see things develop that was not talked about. The prophet did not even talk about it to warn you. It’s going to come completely out of left field and it’s going to come quickly and even the prophets didn’t see it coming. It’ll be some of these things that’ll happen and it’ll happen quickly. And there’s going to be things that’ll happen cataclysmically and catastrophic events in the earth that will happen that will supersede anything mankind has ever known and you’ll see that and there won’t be enough cameras or networks to keep it on the air so
everybody can get a full grasp of what’s happened. Your mind will not be able to comprehend some of the things that are going to happen. You will see that and you’ll see it real, real soon!

But, remember what I told you about sudden death. There will be a sudden death and there will be several sudden deaths that will shock this world and people will be breathless talking about what’s happened.

In the Body of Christ, there will be the passing of old soldiers, old Patriarchs, and upon their passing there’ll be a new guard raised up and this new guard will be different than anything the Body of Christ has ever seen. They will have a sharp word of prophecy in their mouth. They will have an acumen and ability to predict things and to prophecy things and they won’t miss… won’t be hit and miss because in this day and time, with satellites’ that tell us all about what the enemy is doing in the natural, there will be prophets that God will raise up that will
have like a satellite prophetic insight that can tell us things before they happen. And they will be true prophets before the Lord.

There will be a passing of an era and there’ll be a raising up of a new breed of those that God has called to be pillars in the church in the days to come and it will shake the foundations of the earth; not just America, but the nations of the earth will shake when they see what God is doing; male and female, young and old.

The Sunday night after this word was given, the news reported the sudden death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.


Year of 2011

A Prophetic Word given to
Rev. Marjorie on January 16, 2011

Now is the time that my people who have learned to worship me in spirit and in truth will experience my presence and my glory manifest in ways that you have not experienced up until now. Now is the time that I will show myself in the midst of your unity as you worship me in one accord, just as the early church did. I have been waiting for such a time as this. 

I have been waiting for a body of believers who are willing to be stripped of all worldly encumbrances, of all worldly philosophy, and of all worldly theology in exchange for the heavenly treasures that are waiting for them. 

As you allow me to strip you of these things; you will enter into a measure of my glory that you have never seen before. It is then that you will experience what worshiping in spirit and in truth will produce. I am the truth, and if you are willing, you will experience the treasures of heaven being made manifest in your worship as you allow me to purify you in truth.  


A Prophetic Word given to
Rev. Marjorie on May 19, 2011

In These Times

“Now hear me, I am Jehovah. I do not want for you to afraid when you see the condition of the world around you. I have everything under control. Every thing that I am doing in these last days is for the purposes of Eternity. When I call the four winds from the 4 corners of the earth it will be for the purpose of removing falsehood from the mouths of the deceivers. When I do this everyone who hears my voice will be prepared to stand up against the opposition that will come on every side. They will stand strong against the many trials of the hour because they know their God. And they know that when these things happen their redemption draws near. Now my voice is as a whisper but soon it will be a Shout!”


Year of 2010

A Prophetic Word given to 
Rev. Marjorie on May 7, 2010
For the Year 2010

May 7th 2010

The Word of the Lord came to me this morning and I was told to send it out to all of my readers. Remember dear ones, I am just the messenger. When I was called for this end time ministry, the Lord had asked me to be His hands and to be His feet, and to be His mouth piece. Being His hands and being His feet is easy. It is not so easy to be His mouth piece. I am very cautious about saying “thus saith the Lord”. So only when I am instructed to do so, do I repeat publicly what I have heard. So therefore, since I was instructed to send it out, I went to my computer and began to type what I was hearing. The following are the words that I heard in prayer this morning. When it is the Lord it is always confirmed.  

There is a darkness that is coming upon the earth in this hour. It is a darkness that this world has never seen. There is a deception, that is now and that is yet to come that will deceive the minds of the people to such a degree that evil will be called good and good will be called evil. Only those that have developed a personal relationship with the Lord of Glory will have the truth and walk in the light and be able to discern that which is good from that which is evil. It will be those that have trained themselves to hear My voice that will know the truth and they will be lead by My voice, and will not be lead by another voice.  

There is a fear that is coming upon the minds of the people that is going to be overtaking many. The many will march to the tune of a different drummer. They are the ones, because of their fear for their safety and fear for their daily provision will take the mark of the beast. But I say fear not for behold I am preparing a way where there seems to be no way. Only the faithful will step into it. Follow Me and I will show you things that you know not of.

Even now I am preparing my people for this dark hour. I am stripping away the unnecessary in preparation for my supernatural provision. Those that hear My voice will be instructed by Me, some to go here and some to go there. Some will be instructed to do this and some to do that. Some will be instructed to buy property, some at this place and some at another place. Even now there is a stirring in the hearts of many of my people to prepare for the greater good of many others.  

There is a coming together, in the unity of my body, that the world has not yet seen. My glory will be revealed in the functioning of a unified body. My body will operate in My supernatural provision, because of this you will be hated for My sake. Fear not I say, Fear not, although darkness may surround you, My Kingdom is a Kingdom of light. Stay close to Me and the light of My truth will guide you in the midst of a world that is growing dark. I will never leave you or forsake you and everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.  


A Prophetic Word given to
Rev. Marjorie on January 26, 2010
For the Year 2010

The year 2010 is a year that I am calling my people once again into Holiness. It is a year that I am going to be drawing those that hear my voice to a more intimate walk with me. For true Holiness is a separation from the world and the ways of the world. It is an attitude of the heart and a willingness to press into the realm of my Spirit in order to reach a place in me that you know not of. Although, I have indeed separated you unto Myself, there is yet an even greater separation necessary. For many things that have been allowed in your life, and are not sinful things, will no longer be allowed or permitted. They will fall by the way side, and you will say to yourself, “this thing is encumbering me, I do not want it anymore.” And you will also say, “I no longer find pleasure in this or in that”. Instead, your pleasure will be found in the beauty of Holiness. 

It is a year that I will be separating the more serious seekers from those that are not. Even now there is a great divide on the face of the earth. This divide will widen as the days grow darker and darker. My people, who are called by my name and have separated themselves unto Me in Holiness will be a great light that shines in the darkness exposing evil and lawlessness. There is a cost of bearing the fruit of Holiness, for you will be hated for my sake. I say count the cost and follow me, do not be found with those that have counted the cost and found that it was too great for them. 

Those that bear the fruit of Holiness will no longer stand by with lips that are silent. They shall declare My Word and speak the truth with a new and fresh anointing. Their hearts will be wholly mine without reservation. The fear of man and the fear of what man can do to them will no longer hold them back from proclaiming the Kingdom of God is at hand. Their mouths will be filled with blessings, their eyes will see eternity, their ears will hear the voice of love, the touch of their hands will bring healing, the sight of their Holy presence will bring deliverance, each stride in their walk will expand my Kingdom, and the weight of my Glory will rest upon their shoulders as miracles, signs and wonders follow them wherever they may go.

I call you my precious children to purity, I call you to Myself for I am Holy, and a life of Holiness is your inheritance in me. Be Holy for I Am Holy. Judge not those that do not answer the call to Holiness, but press on into the realm of my Glory and let my Holy Spirit guide you into the blessedness of a Holy life.


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