With Passover week coming up Jews and Christians around the world are making preparations for this celebration.  More 
main line Christian churches are preparing 
to celebrate the Passover with a Seder than 
ever before.  For the ritual order of the Seder follow this link:  Seder-Intro 

Frankfurt elects 1st Jewish Mayor since Holocaust, Peter Feldmann discusses his victory and his city’s relationship with Israel.  Jewish World 

Spring has sprung early this year.  For most of the country fruit trees are in blossom and smell of spring is in the air.  With that comes the tradition of spring house cleaning.  Did you know that this tradition originated with the Hebrews as they swept the leaven out of their homes in preparation for Passover?  For a detailed account of how God’s instruction for cleaning house was a picture painted of Jesus’ first coming, follow the link: 
Spring Feasts
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Hebrew Idiom: Our tracking software tells us the phrase that is most often searched is the phrase, “thief in the night”.  This phrase is a Hebrew Idiom that refers to the ancient custom of the bridegroom coming for his bride.  For a study on this idiom follow this link:  
Thief InThe Night 

Prophecy in the News:  Jesus forewarned us that before His return earthquakes would take place in diver’s places.  According to Bill Koenig, news correspondent out of Washington D. C., since 1992 there is a major earthquake somewhere in the world every 188 days.  The days prior to the Lord’s return are referred to as “the birth pangs of the Messiah”.  Just as a mother is about to give birth has pangs that increase with intensity and frequency so are the birth pangs of Messiah increasing which; are depicted in earthquakes around the world. He is coming soon!
Christian Persecution is on the rise. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has named 16 countries as the most shockingly offensive and systematic religious freedom violators in the world and recommended them for official “Country of Concern” (CPC) designation by the U.S. State Department.   They are:  Burma, China, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, (north) Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. 

Laws are in place in these countries that prevent Christian’s freedom to worship, to build churches and Universities, and to speak freely.  In Turkey for instance starting a discussion about the genocide of Christians that occurred 100 years ago is a criminal offense.  For a full report:  National Review  

      Headline:    Jesus Is The Passover Lamb
April 3, 2012


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