What Ezekiel Might Say To America Today : Grasping The Senses

Rev. Marjorie Kummrow

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What Ezekiel Might Say To America Today

by Rev. Marjorie on 08/06/16

Today I decided to focus my study of the Word in the book of Ezekiel.  If I may I would like to share my observations with you.  Ezekiel was called to be the Lord’s voice to Israel during their captivity in Babylon.  Because of Israel’s sin against God they were removed from the land and taken captive by Nebuchanezzar.  As I was reading, it became obvious to me that the state of Israel during Ezekiel’s prophetic ministry is very much like the state that we find our own nation in this crucial hour. 

Like Israel our nation did not fall from God overnight.  It has been a slow process that seems to be accelerating exponentially.  We have been on a slippery slope since the sexual revolution that began in the 40’s and 50’s, followed by the removal of prayer in school during the 60’s. The spilling of innocent blood began when the Supreme Court ruled that the banning of abortions was unconstitutional in 1973.  Then in 1993 the Hawaii Supreme Court rule that the banning of same sex marriage was unconstitutional started an avalanche that has changed the fabric of America. 

Just like Israel we began to do things our own way which is contrary to the instructions given to us and recorded in the Bible. Therefore our sin against THE ALMIGHTY is great and because of that we too have gone into captivity. The difference is this.  We were not removed and taken to the land of Babylon and to King Nebuchanezzer.  No, we voted for Nebuchanezzer to rule over us and our land has become Babylon. 

Ezekiel’s message to Israel is a message that is so appropriate for the people of God in America today. Ezekiel called the covenant people of God to repent.  Likewise, the call for repentance is for those of us that are called by His Name.  We are the ones that are called to be salt and light.  We are the ones called to make this Nation a “shining city set upon a hill.”  Yet, our salt has lost its savor and our light has grown dim.  We the Church of Jesus Christ here in America should have been a force to be reckoned with.  But no, we have compromised and slid down the slippery slope ourselves.

Ezekiel’s message was directed to a demoralized remnant of Judah.  Once again the correlation between Israel and America is staggering. The prophet’s primary message was meant to instill in each individual their personal responsibility in the failure of their nation.  He stressed the importance that each person must recognize their own grievous sin.  Each individual contributes to the weight of sin that brings judgment upon a nation.  Our Nation, I believe has been under judgment for some time now.  The condition of our Nation is due to the failure of every Christian to do what we were called to do. We were called to let our light shine so brightly that it would give glory to our Father who is in heaven.  As a corporate body, we have failed to do that!  We in the body of Christ dare not point our finger and blame another for the condition that our Nation is in.  We must take full responsibility ourselves.  

There is only ONE hope for this nation and that hope is for the people of God to walk away from their sin and return to HIM and HIS RIGHTEOUS WAYS.   For HE and HE alone can heal this land.

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