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A written document is drawn up, known as a ketubah. The word ketubah means that which is written. 

The believer’s ketubah is the Bible, the new and the old covenant. All of God’s promises and provisions contained in the Bible are legally ours.  Yeshua has made some 32,000 promises to His bride in her ketubah, the Bible. 7  His promises of truth can be found from cover to cover. The Lord’s signature is on every page.  Have you read your marriage contract?  If not, I strongly urge you to do so.  How can you sign a contract that you have not read?  Your signature is your agreement with all the promises and provisions that God has written in the Bible for you. He too has promised to work for His bride, to honor her, to support her, to provide food for her, to clothe her, and to provide for her every need. Your willingness to adhere to the truth contained in the Holy Scriptures, the written word, is your signature on the ketubah.  Remember the Jewish ketubah was a written contract that needed to be signed prior to the wedding ceremony. When Yeshua returns for the wedding ceremony, will your signature be found on the ketubah?

    6 A thief in the night, Zola Levitt 
    7 Don’t waste your sorrows, Paul Billheimer

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Rosh HaShanah
The Wedding 
of The Messiah
Part 4 of 12

The ketubah or written contract was the unalienable right of the bride. This contract needed to be executed and signed prior to the wedding ceremony. 

This betrothal contract states the bride’s price, the promises made by the groom, and all the rights and privileges of the bride. 

 It also promises that the groom will work for her, will honor her, will support her, and will provide food, clothing and necessities for her, as they live together as husband and wife.  

The groom further promises that their relationship will be based on truth. This contract had a provision in it that the bride would wait and be prepared for her groom’s return every night. 6