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The Fall Feasts                                                             Previous Lesson 
Part 2 

Rosh HaShanah-One Long Day

I must say that I tend to agree with them for the reasons that will be outlined in this study.  No one is able of course to set any date as to what year this will take place.  Let me ask you, what if the rapture was to take place this year?  Are you ready?  I sincerely hope that this study will cause each of us to take a serious look at the very real possibility that the prophetic message of these feasts is a call to the Bride to get herself ready. 

As indicated in the introduction to the Fall feasts the first feast is preceded by a season of repentance beginning on the first of Elul. Thirty days into the season of repentance, is the feast of the Lord called Rosh HaShanah. Rosh HaShanah is known by many names and one of the most significant names is The Wedding of the Messiah.  I have previously done a study on the Wedding of the Messiah that I would like to direct you to at this time because all of these studies are building blocks for the next study.  Therefore to better understand this study, having read the Wedding of the Messiah will be helpful.  It is a study on how the pattern of the Jewish wedding sets the stage for the wedding of the Messiah.  It can be found at:

Because of the difficulty in ancient times of announcing the pending feast of Rosh HaShanah to everyone in Israel in time for the feast, it was determined to celebrate the feast for two days. These two days are regarded as one long day.  Jesus hinted time and time again at what appointed time we should be watching and waiting for when the eastern skies will split and He will gather His bride to Himself.  Many of his hints about the time of His coming for her point to Rosh HaShanah.  Only those people that are familiar with Jewish Idioms would pick up on these hints.  One can check out the study on these hints in the Remez series on my web site at:  This series is a pre-qualifier to better understand the study of the Fall Feasts; I recommend the Remez study first.

In our culture there are many words, phrases and idioms that relay a certain message.  For instance if you heard someone say, kissing under the mistletoe, you would think of Christmas, no one would have to tell you it was Christmas.  If you heard someone say, they were decorating the tree, again it refers to Christmas.  Likewise when it comes to the Jewish feasts many words, phrases and idioms identified what feast it was.  Because most of us are not familiar with these Hebraic terms we miss the hidden meaning which is there in plain sight.  I hope to point out some of those phrases and idioms concerning the fall feasts.

The scripture that says: "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” 1 This is a scripture that is often used to discount any date setting. This scripture however is a Jewish idiom and it is wedding talk.  Its reference is more about the fact that there is an appointed time for the wedding of the Messiah, and of that appointed time for the wedding of Messiah, no one will know the day or the hour, only the Father. This language, “only the Father knows” is an idiom that refers to a wedding. In ancient times the father of the groom made sure that all the preparations for the bride were done to the father’s satisfaction.  When that was accomplished, then the father would tell his son, that it was time to go get his bride. 

Once we understand Jesus’ great love of remez, we can begin to look at scripture a little different and ask ourselves the question, “what is it that He is hinting at”?  I believe that since so many hints point to the festival of Rosh HaShanah as the yet to be fulfilled wedding day of the Messiah, it is possible that because it is for two days, the Lord was again hinting that we would not know the exact day or hour. Because even if we understood that it was this appointed feast of Rosh HaShanah, it could happen on the first day of the feast, or just maybe on the second day of the feast, but that we would not know the day or the hour.  I visualize Jesus with a twinkle in His eye and a smile on His face when he made this statement.  So in this sense “no one will know the day or the hour.” However we should be aware of the season, or what is better know as the appointed time.

This year, as I said earlier, Rosh HaShanah begins at sunset on September 8th and is for two days, known as one long day.  So mark your calendars!

1 Mark 13:32

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The Fall Feasts
Rosh Hashanah 
One Long Day
Part 2 

Many of us long for the rapture of the Bride of Christ. This study on the fall feasts is an interesting and exciting study because it teaches us the various hints that our Lord made about “that day”. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when this event is planned? Well many of the Jewish scholars that have taught me, believe that this event points to Rosh HaShanah.