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When my daughter was a teenager, there had been reports of a number of rape victims in our community.  Therefore she was fearful.  So I began to teach her about using the authority that she had in the name of Jesus.  I told her that all the same authority that Jesus had was passed on to those that believe in Him and followed Him.  In fact, I said, Jesus told us that even greater things would we be able to do than he did.  I also explained that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against evil powers and principalities, that is, the demons of Satan’s kingdom.  I explained to her, that it was not enough that she had this authority because she was a believer, but that she had to exercise her authority by speaking things into existence or commanding the spirits to leave in Jesus name. 

I explained to her that if someone actually tried to take advantage of her, that the most powerful weapon that she had against that person would be the words that came out of her mouth.  Just say this, I instructed her, “In the name of Jesus I command you to stop and I bind you Satan and all of your powers against me.  I command you to flee, in the name of Jesus.”

In order to bring this truth home to her, I told her about a story that I had just heard the day before about what had happened to two young teenage girls.  After shopping at a mall, they returned to their parked car in the parking lot of the mall.  Unknown to them was the fact that a group of young men were waiting for them in a rather isolated area of the lot.  These men were laughing and jeering and harassing the girls. The girls were not aware that these young men had removed the carburetor from the hood of the car.  Unaware, some how they managed to get into the car and lock the doors, while the young men stood outside of the car laughing. What their ultimate plans for the girls were, is only known to them and God.  The young driver put her keys into the ignition to start the car, and it would not turn over.  So the girls bowed their heads in prayer, and then they commanded the car to start in Jesus Name.  She then turned the keys a second time and no doubt to the young men’s amazement, the car started and she drove away.  

Once these young girls got home and told their father what had happened, he of course was much relieved that they had the presence of mind to pray for help.  What he did not know was that the carburetor was missing from his car. This would be his discovery when he was unable to start the car later.

My daughter sat there in amazement and thrilled to hear about how the Lord had supernaturally rescued these girls. I told the story with the intention of building her faith, and it did just that. Tracey, I said, “these are the kinds of things that happen when we exercise our authority.  People with authority just speak to others and the others obey because they recognize the authority of the one that is speaking.  This is how it is when we recognize our authority in the Kingdom of God; we can put the devil to flight by the words of our mouth, in the authority of the name that is above every other name, Jesus.” 

That afternoon Tracey and I decided to go horseback riding at a riding stable not to far from our home.  Neither of us were expert horsemen, but we thought that we had ridden enough that we wanted to be left alone on the trails without a guide.  But they would not let us go alone, although the guide said that once we were out in the open, that she would allow us to open up if we chose to.  So, the three of us started out on the trails, the guide, my daughter, and me and my horse in the rear. 

For whatever reason, my horse decided that he wanted to lead this parade and he began to race with my daughter’s horse.  Both horse’s in their quest for the lead, passed the guide. Tracey’s horse was not about to be outdone and took off in a full gallop, with my horse close behind, following.  It was frightening, and although I had been pulling on the reigns to stop him, my horse just kept on going.  Then, my saddle which was not fastened tight enough, slipped off of the horses back and turned me upside down and I fell under the horse and was watching his back huffs as they were about to trample me.  This all happened in a flash, and all I could think to do was call out the name JESUS!

With that, I felt the very strong arms of a supernatural being take hold of me and roll me and stand me up on my feet.  My horse kept going trying to outrun my daughter’s horse. The guide, who was now behind us, witnessed the fall and the miraculous recovery.  She was quickly by my side to see if I was all right.  She then said to me “Well, you said that you guys had experience riding, but that fall and recovery was done like a pro.”  Little did she know that I had nothing to do with it!

I stood there trying to take it all in because it would have been just seconds and those huffs and all the power of this magnificent animal would have come crashing down on me.  Yet there I stood upright without a scratch.  I stood there speechless, when Tracey my teenage daughter, comes trotting back to where I was standing, with her horse totally under control.  “Mom”, she says, “why didn’t you do what I did?  I commanded my horse to stop in the name of Jesus, and he did! Just like you said!”

Be Blessed, Rev. Marjorie

The Authority
In Jesus Name
By Rev. Marjorie 

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