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For many years I suffered with gall bladder attacks.  They seemed to come on after over taxing my system with fatty foods.  The worst attack came after eating too much home made toffee, which is loaded with butter.  Because of the excruciating pain, I was taken this time to the ER.  Eventually the stone passed and I was dismissed from the hospital with instructions to see my doctor.

Previous to this attack, I had prayed for the Lord to heal me and was quite confident that He would.  I had been witness to many supernatural interventions from the Lord on my behalf and was certain that He would take care of this gall bladder problem as well.  But, because this attack was so awful, I decided that it was time to go the medical route.  I picked up the phone and made a call to my doctor to set up an appointment to see him.

After the exam in the doctor’s office, my doctor began to schedule the surgery that according to him was long over due.  In addition to the gall bladder surgery that was needed, I had also been putting off rectal surgery that my doctor had wanted to do for some time.  I asked him whether or not he could do both surgeries at the same time.  “Because” I said, “You’ll never get me to go under the knife again”.  He said that doing both surgeries would be too hard on me.  I insisted that I did not care.  If I was going to be miserable; I would rather be really miserable this once, instead of being miserable again with another surgery.  He said, “ok, I will consider it, but only if you are doing really well after the gall bladder surgery”.

I then asked him whether or not he was a praying man, and he said that he was.  So I proceeded to ask him if he would pray for me and for the surgery to go well.  He laughed and said, “I pray, but never for gall bladder surgery.” I left his office thinking that his job had become rather routine for him; so much so, that the gall bladder surgery, at least in his mind was a “walk in the park”.  For me however, this was serious business that needed to be covered in prayer.  This experience that I am sharing with you was back in the day when gall bladder surgery left you with 6 inch scar from the incision and the recovering time for the surgery was 6 weeks or more.  

The day before the scheduled surgery, I packed my suitcase with the things that I would need for my stay in the hospital.  I expected to be there a week or so.  I was ever so careful not to forget the typed note that I had prepared, to surprise the doctor with. 

The following day, the day of the scheduled operation, I was very careful to keep the note that I had typed hidden in my hand as they rolled me down the hall to be prepped for the surgery.  They opened my gown and did the prepping necessary to assure that my midriff would be sterilized and ready for the procedure.  Once I was left alone, I opened my gown and secured the note that I had typed to my midriff with scotch tape that had been prepared ahead of time.  I closed my gown smiling as I remembered the words that I had typed for the doctor to see when they rolled me into his theater unconscious.  “Please handle this body with care and prayer, it is the temple of the Holy Spirit”, were the words that were typed upon the note that was now concealed under my gown. 

When I came to from the operation I had been returned to my room.  It wasn’t long after I had gained consciousness that my doctor came into the room that I was in.  “Young Lady”, he said, “you have no idea how much commotion you caused in my operating room. When we opened your gown and found the note that you left us, you caused quite a stir indeed. First we had to prep you all over again so you would not get infected. Then I had everyone join hands in a circle around you and we prayed just as your note instructed. Because the gall bladder surgery went very well, and because you were doing so good, I decided that I would do the rectal surgery just as you had requested. So, I rolled you over and slapped the note you wrote on your butt, and proceeded to take care of your rectal problem. Now, if you will turn around”, he said.  I turned around to find that they had scotch taped the note on the wall above my bed, where it remained for duration of my stay.

I was pretty miserable from the pain of both incisions, but the steady stream of visitors helped me to keep my mind off of that pain. For the next two days I had one visitor after another come into my room to introduce themselves to me.  They were doctors and nurses who were either involved in my doctor’s theater or had come to investigate and meet the woman that so boldly proclaimed that her body was the temple of the Holy Spirit.  The story had spread through the hospital like wild fire.  But that is not the end of the story or the end of the visitors.

On the third day, a visitor stood at the open door of my room, and I could not believe who it was.  IT WAS YESHUA! (Jesus) His Holy presence frightened me so much that I hid under my covers unable to move or to speak.  I could hardly breathe!  As He walked closer to my bed the power of his anointing petrified me.  My mind was running wild with all the things that I would like to say to him, and questions to ask, but I was paralyzed and could not open my mouth to even utter a sound.  I was barely able to breathe.

He stood by the side of my bed and the next thing that I could feel was His touch upon the incision that was on my midriff.  It felt as if an electrical charge with a great amount of frequency or vibration was running across the incision, first from right to left and then again from left to right. Likewise that same electrical vibration was then moving along my private parts where the other incision was.  Once He had finished what he had come for, He was gone.  He was gone and so was the pain.  I was no longer paralyzed, so I sat up and said, “no, no, please come back.  I have a lot of questions for you.  Realizing that he was not coming back, and even if He did, I would have probably hid under my covers again any way.  So I got out of bed, ran down the hall to tell the nurses at the nurse’s station about the awesome visitor and what He had just done for me.

I was pain free and totally healed and immediately returned to work without any repercussions. One might ask why didn’t the Lord heal me previous to the surgeries? My answer to that question is this, not nearly as many people would have been affected.  The Lord of Glory did indeed glorify Himself in that hospital that week. Not only did he heal me, but many were encouraged in there faith and unbelievers became believers, and a glorious story continues to be told because, HE IS THE KING OF GLORY!!!  

This was a gloriously wonderful experience for me, and I will always treasure it.  It is just one of many treasured experiences that I have had with God that are from His treasure chest. These gifts from the Lord come in the most unusual packages and at the most unexpected times, yet they are always wrapped in His Glory,   What a precious gift to have the creator of the universe visit me, a plain ordinary woman.  

I think though that it must have blessed Him that I was proclaiming that my body is His temple.  This is so much His desire to have a temple not made of wood or stone, but rather to have a temple here on earth that houses His Holy Spirit. He wants His temple to be our hearts.  He wants His home to be with us. He is very protective of His temple, that is, those of us that are as His body, so much so that scripture says that God will destroy anyone that defiles the temple of God, which we are. 1 Corinthians 3: 17

The Lord is a gentleman, and He will not force himself upon you.  He stands at the door of your heart knocking.  That is, He is waiting to be invited in.  If you have not yet invited Jesus to come and make your heart and body His temple, the place where He longs to dwell, why don’t you do that today?  

Here I am Lord, standing here alone
An empty vessel, that you can make your home
I’ve searched the world over, and I have not found
The peace that you promised on this earth’s ground
My life is full of failure, though I tried my very best
I’ve missed the mark so often, and now I want your rest
I tried everything Lord, and yet I’m empty still
I submit myself to You now, for You to do your will
Come Holy Spirit, and taking away my pain
I know that if you fill me, I’ll never be the same
So, here I am Lord, standing here alone
An empty vessel, that you can make your home

Be Blessed, Rev. Marjorie

An Awesome Visitor
By Rev. Marjorie 

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