BIBLE STUDIES SERIES                                          
The Remez Series -  Hidden Hebrew Meaning 
Part  1  Messiah Revealed "My God My God"
Part  2  The Sound of the Shofar
Part  3  The Jewish Idiom "The Day"
Part  4  "A Thief In the Night"
Part  5  A Thief in the Night As Jewish Idiom​

The Signs In the Heavens Series:  Prophetic Signs
Part   1 The Stars & Prophecy Pointing to Messiah
Part   2 The Blood Moons

The Spring Feasts Series: "The Appointed Times"
Part   1 Introduction to the Spring Feasts of the Lord
Part   2  Spring House Cleaning
Part   3  Yeshua’s time in Bethany
Part   4  The Lamb of God Enters the East Gate
Part   5  The Inspection of the Lamb
Part   6  The First Passover
Part   7  The Seder- Introduction
Part   8  The Ritual Order of the Seder
Part   9  The Cup of Redemption and the Afikoman
Part 10  The Last Supper
Part 11  The Words That Echo From the Cross of Calvary
Part 12  The Feast of Unleavened Bread
Part 13  The Counting of the Omar
Part 14   From Passover to Pentecost
Part 15  The Feast of the First Fruits
Part 16  Spiritual Application of Passover
Part 17  Pentecost-Shavuot

The Fall Feasts Series: "The Appointed Times"  Introduction
Part  1  Preparation to High Holy Days  Revised
Part  2  Rosh HaShanah: One Long Day
Part  3  Rosh HaShanah: Yom Teruah - Feast of Trumpets
Part  4  Rosh HaShanah: Yom HaDin - The Day of Judgment
Part  5  Rosh HaShanah: HaMelech - The Coronation
Part  6  Rosh HaShanah: Chevlai - Jacob's Trouble 
Part  7  Rosh HaShanah: HaZikkaron -The Day of Remembrance
Part  8  Rosh HaShanah: HaKesh - The Hidden Day

Rosh HaShanah: The Wedding of the Messiah
Part  1  The Selection of the Bride
Part  2  The Bride's Price
Part  3  The Bride and Groom Betrothed
Part  4  Written Document - Ketubah
Part  5  Bridal Consent
Part  6  Gifts and Cup Given To Bride
Part  7  Cleansing of the Bride - Mikvah
Part  8  Preparing the Bridal Chamber
Part  9  Bride Set Apart
Part 10 The Bridegroom Returns
Part 11 Abduction of The Bride
Part 12 The Marriage Supper

Yom Kippur
Part 1     Yom Kippur - The Day of Atonement          

Feast of Tabernacles 
Part 1     The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) Intro
Part 2     The Seventh Feast and the Signature of God

Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah - Coming Soon

His Wife Has Made Herself Ready
Part 1     His Wife Has Made Herself Ready
Part 2     His Wife Has Made Herself Ready
Part 3     His Wife Has Made Herself Ready

Hanukkah - Feast of Dedication
Part 1     Hanukkah: Jesus and Hanukkah Updated
Part 2     Relationship Between Hanukkah & Christmas Revised

The Study of Tish B' Av
Part 1     Tish B' Av - The Ninth of Av

Miscellaneous Studies                                               
Part 1     The Cities of Refuge


The Rhapsody of Love

Divine Appointment With The Holy Spirit

Authority in Jesus Name

Jesus in the Driver's Seat

An Awesome Visitor

Out of Body Experience

The Great Physician 

The Suddenly's of God

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. To him who  overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat."  

And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it."          Revelation 2:17

Hidden in Plain Sight

The Rapure:End Time Teaching From a Hebraic View
Part I  Introduction
The Pre-Tribulation: End Time Teaching From A Hebraic View  Part II  

Part I  The Rapture:
Video & Teaching By Rev. Marjorie

Part II The PreTribulation: 
Video & Teaching By Rev. Marjorie

Part III The Rise of the Anti-Christ:
Video & Teaching By Rev. Marjorie  
(Coming Soon)

Part IV The Tribulation:
Video & Teaching By Rev. Marjorie 
(Coming Soon)

Part V   The Second Coming of The Messiah:
Video & Teaching By Rev. Marjorie  
(Coming Soon)

Part VI  The Millennium:
Video & Teaching By Rev. Marjorie  
(Coming Soon)

Our Lord taught many times using Hebrew idioms and so it is important to know them in order to interpret scripture accurately. Very similar to our English idiom "it's raining cats and dogs" vs. "it's pouring rain" or "under the weather" vs. "someone who is sick" We know what is meant, but to someone foreign to our terms, it would be confusing. Sweet Manna Ministries hopes to help you understand the scriptures and our Lord Jesus (Yeshua) in a more intimate way.  

Stay Tuned For More Videos From this Series With a More In Depth Teaching From a Hebraic View  




The Month of Elul a Time of Preparation for the Bride 


The Greatest Miracle is Recorded in the Heavens


Adar The Biblical Month of Joy


Biblical Calendar and New Year of the Trees

Previous Years




If Interested in what's happening in Israel, Sweet Manna Ministries recommends you read David Dolan's Newsletters. 

They can be found here           

David Dolan, who is a news correspondent from Israel, will keep you up to date on things that are not reported in the United States.  

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Sweet Manna is a ministry that is committed to educating Christians concerning their Jewish roots. Our goal is to explore the Word of God from a Jewish perspective and Hebraic understanding.  It is this ministry's belief that unless the scriptures are looked at through Hebrew eyes we will miss the "Manna from Heaven that is Hidden in Plain Sight." Rev. Marjorie is a graduate from Christ for the Nations and the founder of Sweet Manna Ministries.
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Sweet Manna’s ministry’s explanation and point of view regarding the end of days, is based on a Hebraic understanding of the scriptures. We take the position of the dispensational, pre-tribulational and pre-millennial viewpoint on most matters concerning eschatology.

This ministry is always open to new revelation of the meaning of scripture based on current events. Prophecy is much easier to interpret looking back in history as opposed to looking ahead.  

Jesus & Hanukkah By Rev. Marjorie E. Kummrow

     By Rev. Marjorie Kummrow

Jesus & Hanukkah By Rev. Marjorie E. Kummrow

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As Christians, we worship a Jewish Messiah. We read the Holy Scriptures which was written by Jewish authors under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The early church consisted of Jewish believers, and it was Jewish men and women that took the gospel to Gentile nations. Much of the Jewishness of the New Covenant has been lost because of misinterpretation of the scriptures and because of the infiltration of Hellenistic philosophy that has affected our western thought process. Explore the scriptures through Hebrew eyes and discover the "manna from heaven" that is hidden in plain sight.

What Does Jesus Say About Homosexuality?  The Biblical Truth In Plain Sight By Rev. Marjorie Kummrow

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Explore the scriptures that Pastors and the Body of Christ wrestle with today on the matter of homosexuality. Find out what Jesus has to say about this very important subject. Society today has a decision to make, whether or not they choose to be politically correct or Biblically correct.


The Hand of the Lord By Rev. Marjorie Kummrow

What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality What Does Jesus Say About Homosexuality?    By Rev. Marjorie Kummrow